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Together, we have faith

Your faith is our strength. Join the Gospel Faith Mission

Prayer has the power to heal the soul

Prayer is the song we sing in our hearts, the hope we keep in our minds, and the music of our souls. With prayer, we can overcome all hardships and find joy. We can overcome difficulty and find salvation. Come pray with us at our Church. Discover the power of the Lord that is inside of you, waiting to be set free.


A heart filled with love has no room for hate.


Our Vision

Do not pass by someone in need. When you join the Business Name  congregation, you join a community fed by love and hope, one in which everyone is welcome. Join us and discover the power of prayer, faith and humility.


Our Vision

You don’t need a reason to help. All you need is opportunity. Together, we'll find places where our assistance would be most appreciated and we offer help, guidance, companionship and love. 


Our Vision

Love thy neighbor as thyself. This is not only a central tenant of Christianity, it may be the one that guides all else. To treat others with respect, kindness, and love is what we strive for, every day, in everything we do. 


Our Vision

Your life is your message to the world. Fill it with meaning and hope, with love for the Lord and with compassion for all of the Lord's children. You are never alone when the Lord is with you, and He is always with you.  

Silhouette of Cross Against Sky

“I am so blessed to have found God and his Word.”

Sheila Foster

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Gofamint House of Grace welcomes all Maryland residents to be part of our community.

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11429 Brandywine Rd, Clinton, MD 20735

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