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Gofamint House of Grace spreads The Gospel to Maryland residents because we believe it has lessons that can enrich everyone's lives. Whether you've fallen on hard times, you're in search of community, or you're just looking for a Church in Maryland, we want you to feel welcome and at home.



Faith is the cornerstone of gofamint house of grace. It is part of every activity that we do, every meeting that we hold. We believe in our Lord, and that our actions are a reflection of his goodness.


We look to the Lord for guidance in our lives. In Scripture, we find all that we need to guide us in the right path. Reading and understanding Scripture helps us all live meaningful lives. 


Join us. We welcome each and every one of you to encounter the Lord's unconditional love with us. Inside each of us is a purpose and meaning to be fulfilled by God. 


Children's Ministry

The Gospel has a message for everyone, of every age, and in every language. Exposing your child to the Lord's path when they are young gives them guidance, hope and strength that lasts a lifetime. To learn more, contact one of our Pastors. 

Youth Ministry

Youth is a unique period of life, one filled with exploration, discovery, excitement and fulfillment. Business Name's Youth Ministry provides a nurturing, loving environment for young people exploring the world. It is a safe place where faith guides exploration and self-discovery.

Bible Study Group

Gofamint National overseer NA

Pastor Taiwo Fagbuyi

Pastor Taiwo Fagbuyi is the current National Overseer of The Gospel Faith Mission International, North America. He is also the resident Pastor of GOFAMINT, House of Change, Baltimore, Maryland. He trained as an electrical engineer; he also practiced as a journalist and media consultant before coming into the ministry full time. Called and anointed by God to be a blessing to his generation, Taiwo Fagbuyi carries out his mandate in ministry as a Pastor, Teacher, Counselor and Deliverance minister, by rightly dividing the word of truth without compromise. He is committed to nurturing believers to spiritual maturity and seeing them become all that God has destined them to be in the covenant. The grace of God manifests strongly in his life through prophetic gifts and a vibrant healing, miracle and deliverance ministry that destroys Satanic yokes in people's lives. He hosts a bi-monthly prayer, ministration and deliverance program, SNOW (Supernatural Night of Wonders) which attracts participants from across the nations of the world. To God’s glory, verifiable signs, wonders and miracles follow his ministry. Pastor Fagbuyi is married to Olufunmilayo Fagbuyi, a deaconess, and their marriage is blessed with three children, Glory, Shalom and Favour.

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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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